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You Created It. Protect It. 

Filing a trademark or copyright  will help you retain exclusive rights to your original work and brand now and in the future. In this age of branding and internet marketing, it is a good idea to have that extra layer of protection for your businesses name , logo and other intellectual property.

We help you protect your Business & Brand from infringement.

We make it easy to complete your trademark and  copyright application by handling all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf.



Protection for your brands identity.

A trademark protects your symbol, slogan, logo, or image that you use in conjunction with your business from someone else also using that same (or substantially similar) symbol, slogan, logo, or image. 



Protection for your intellectual property. 

A copyright helps protect your original creations and gives only you the right to reproduce, publish or profit from them. Copyright registration provides a public record of the copyright claim, and helps you protect literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works from infringement or distribution by others. 


Stop Copycats Protect Your Creations

Filing a Trademark and or copyright helps you protect the time, money, creativity, and energy you've invested in creating your original product, brand, service, and works by preventing others from reproducing, performing, or making a profit from it.

Intellectual Property Ownership

When you file Trademark and or Copyright, only you have the right to reproduce, perform and display your work publicly, or authorize others to do so with your permission.

Display Your Registration 

Registering for a Trademark or Copyright allows you to display the (®) or the (©) symbol and demonstrates that it's your work and brand and they are protected, preventing any potential infringement.

Enforce & Defend Your Rights

When you Trademark or Copyright your intellectual property, you now have a layer of protection that stops anyone from using the actual works or creating a likeness of them. If you find that this is happening, you can send a cease and desist letter addressed to the trademark or copyright infringer. This letter identifies the nature of the infringement and demands that the infringement stops immediately, and if not, you can take the infringer to court and sue.

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